Shashank Sharma, Hive Pro, Dubai

Shashank Sharma is a highly experienced Cybersecurity professional and consultant, known for his exceptional work with esteemed organizations like Gartner and leading product companies such as Zscaler. With extensive knowledge in cybersecurity products and cutting-edge technologies, he has successfully led high-engagement security consultations for clients across diverse geographies. During his tenure at Gartner, Shashank excelled in providing invaluable comparative technical insights to global clients and offering product-related advice to vendors, further solidifying his reputation as a cybersecurity thought leader.

Currently serving as a pivotal member of the Hive Pro team, Shashank plays a key role in managing the organization product portfolio to deliver top-notch technical consulting across diverse regions. With a profound understanding of the Threat Exposure Management market, he skillfully drives customer interest by presenting a unique value proposition that stands out in the cybersecurity landscape.